Schleuniger AG, VISIT

The company wanted an animated christmas card for their distributors and customers. The client decided to make it different than the year before, where a story based card with a flying Santa was used.

What the client wanted from me
The client wanted the whole design. The whole thing should happen last-minute.

What I wanted from the client
The company assigned the whole art direction to me.

The company has many international clients and distributors, so I decided to create a simple winter landscape without any christmas figures. They determined the size of the movie and made the score available. First I did a storyboard and sometestimages to determine the style. I chose to fully digital which gave me the advantage to have all drawn components animation-ready. With the help of a technichal editor of the company who has pretty good knowledge in After Effects we build the scene with the rough animation. First I planned to use drawn snowflakes but they were to heavy and so I used the particle system. After that I did the fine tuning with the colors and editing. After some inputs and adjustments from the company which touched the message in the end of the movie and the animation speedad the animated christmas card was finished.

The client gave me full freedom with the creation which was a lot of fun to me. And the company got the movie by the deadline. I always look out for working with companies.